The Mini Brights

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Our best sellers are now in a mini size. Ready, Set, Glow!

Now you can look, feel, and be bright anywhere with this exclusive set that combines favorites from our Defend and Hydrate Collections.

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All proceeds from this set will be donated to She’s the First, so you will help more than your skin with this purchase.

Defend Skin Restoring Serum: 10 ml / 0.3 fl oz liq US
Defend Triple Action Eye Cream: 5 mL / 0.5 fl liq oz US
Hydrate Refreshing Micellar Water: 80 mL / 2.7 fl oz liq US
Hydrate Moisture Replenishing Serum: 10 ml / 0.3 fl oz liq US
Cosmetics Bag: 19L x 5D x 11H cm

Value of $99!